• The Field Museum

  • New ASU Stadium, Alabama State University

  • Emerald Downs, Auburn, Washington

  • Halton Arena, Charlotte 49ers

  • Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee Student Ticketing

  • Rose Hill Gym, Fordham University


People like you make us better every day

TicketReturn was built one client at a time, by listening to the needs of venue ticket managers, operations staff, marketing and accounting personnel - people like you. We learned from the start that no two venues are exactly alike, and no two clients have identical needs. As a result, we're a partnership-based business, focused on mutual accomplishment and delivery of innovative solutions.

Those partnerships number in the hundreds of venues today, and still maintain their individual character. Dedicated TicketReturn Client Support personnel - most former ticket managers themselves - build personal relationships with key staff at every venue we serve. Our job is still to listen and learn first, then solve today's challenges.

That process has resulted in a software toolkit containing hundreds of solutions, that can be used in literally thousands of combinations. And we're constantly adding new tools - in direct response to requests and suggestions from people like you.

Contact us today, and tell us how we can help serve your special needs.